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My Family
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Friday, February 3, 2012

False Hope

Yesterday, we went to another frustrating appointment with our neurologist.  Once again she lectured me and didn’t take the time to listen to what I was saying.  She told me he was misdiagnosed and isn’t autistic and suggested he join baseball. She was so caught up in her expertise with autistic children, she wasn’t taking the time to listen to me.  I know Kyle isn’t as severe as other autistic children and for that I thank God every day.  However, I feel that with every fiber of my being that he is still autistic. 

In the car, I sat and tried to figure out why I was so upset.  After all she was telling me exactly what every parent who has an autistic child wants to hear.  I want him to have this label off him.  However, because I don’t trust the source, it feels like someone is dangling a false hope in front of me. 

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